“Excellent Coaching and Great Encouragement”, Sabrina H.

I came to Crossfit Biometrics in March because I had tried numerous gyms and they just didn’t seem to fit.  I wanted something with more of a community feel.  I am in the military and could use the gym for free but then you’re just working out by yourself.

I have been through numerous injuries throughout my career by I wanted to start accomplishing some of the fitness goals I had always dreamed about.  One of them was competing in a powerlifting competition on the base, the Annual Chad O’Quinn Memorial Powerlifting Competition in late fall.  I finally reached my goal this year (2014), but it wasn’t easy getting to where I needed to be.

When I first stepped into Crossfit Biometrics I couldn’t even do a full squat because of the mobility issues I had from all my previous injuries.  With excellent coaching and great encouragement from all the coaches at Crossfit Biometrics I got to the point where I could do a squat without having to use the box to squat on.  During the competition I squatted 275lbs, deadlifted 315lbs and bench pressed 165lbs.

At 40yrs old and competing with girls that are in their twenties, what a great feeling.  Up next will be some kind of running event.  I know I will be able to accomplish this because of the community that we have at Crossfit Biometrics.

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