We want to ensure that your coaches are experts when it comes to fitness and strength and conditioning.

Further, our system is designed so coaches can become career coaches with the ability to make a professional living in the industry. This means, the same way many people seek a consistent family doctor and accountant for life, our clients have the opportunity to develop a relationship with a coach for life—to manage their health and well-being.

Professional Coach Development at Biometrics is divided into two streams.  The first stream is designed for those interested in becoming a Part Time Coach with the ability to coach group classes at Biometrics to help fill out our class coaching schedule.

The second stream is for those interested in becoming a Professional  Coach with the ability to enjoy a long and fruitful career doing what you love, making people fit!

Part Time Coach

  • Coach up to 3 hours of Group Class per week
  • Manage class attendance
  • Ensure the gym is cleaned up after class
  • Open/Close gym if required
  • Membership at Biometrics S&C
  • Energetic and community minded
  • Passionate about fitness
  • Desire to help others
  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Certification
  • Complete Biometrics Coaching Intern program (see below)
  • B.Sc. (Kin) an asset
  • Attend regular coach’s meetings
  • Madlab Online School, Junior Apprentice Course (must apply to Head Coach)
  • attendance at Biometrics’ and regional events

Professional Coach

  • Coach up to 7 hours of Group Class per week
  • Coach athletes in one-on-one sessions
  • Client management
  • Gym maintenance
  • Open/Close gym when required
  • Consult with prospective clients
  • Social Media content creation
  • Part time coach at Biometrics S&C
  • Membership at Biometrics S&C
  • Completed all JA1 courses from online school
  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Certification
  • Additional CrossFit Certifications an asset
  • B.Sc. (Kin) an asset
  • Complete apprenticeship under Associate or Head Coach
    • demonstrated sales and client management ability
    • sales and referral levels as required at each level
  • PCDP JA2, SA1 and SA2 academic modules
  • Design and implement a Specialty Program
  • Attend regular coach’s meetings
  • Madlab Online School, continued courses toward Head Coach certification
  • additional CrossFit and other relevant certifications an asset
  • participation in relevant post-graduate education an asset
  • attendance at Biometrics’ and regional events



If you are enrolled in a B.Sc.Kinesiology program at university or are a current gym member and are interested in coaching at Biometrics then this intern program could be for you.

  • An opportunity to work alongside one of our experienced coaches at the gym
  • Free Unlimited Monthly Membership at Biometrics Strength & Conditioning (students only)
  • Attendance at weekly coaches training sessions
  • Train regularly at the gym
  • Act as a coaches assistant for a minimum of 3 classes each week
  • Maintain good academic standing in the B.Sc.Kin program at UNB
  • Be a positive asset to our gym community