Biometrics’ Delivery of our Rx for Fitness Program

Getting you fit is a step-by-step process, and the Biometrics method is one that has taken more than 10 years to develop and perfect.

1. A Coach for Life – Having a coach for life is truly one of the most unique things about our system. Our coaches stick with us for life, and they’ll stick with you for life, keeping you on track until you’re 80 years old.
2. A focus on Fundamentals Training – To prepare you for classes
3. Prehab/Rehab
4. Hybrid memberships – Which has you in classes and meeting your coach frequently, it is important you continue to work with your coach to keep you sharp. 
5. Specialty Programs


Another important aspect of our delivery is our prehab and rehab services. Many people come to us with chronic pain or undisclosed injuries.“My back hurts” they might say.  “What did you do to it?”…“I don’t know?”

“Back hurts” isn’t something a doctor writes on his chart. We believe it’s important for you to address any old issues you have, and then heal them, so you can maximize your abilities.

Our coaches will work with you in cooperation with a number of health care professionals around town including doctors, osteopaths, chiros, physios and massage therapists to make sure that you get the proper Prehab or Rehab you need to be able to get your fitness journey back on track.


After you’ve been attending group classes for a number of months, while continuing to meet with your coach, it might be time for you to join a specialty program. Maybe you want to learn a muscle-up or improve your rowing skills. We offer specialty programs in different areas—nutrition, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, competition teams—to help those who want a bit more specific training. This will keep you moving up the improvement trajectory and avoid plateauing.


And finally, what makes Biometrics different from other gyms is how we’re a social house. From community events like Halloween workouts, Lady’s nights, The Atlantic Shootout (Atlantic Canada’s biggest team Fitness competition), charity events and in-house fitness competitions, being part of our Biometrics family means you’re surrounded by a group of like-minded people, who will become friends for life.

Finally, since the Biometrics’ Rx for Fitness is as useful for the 80-year-old as the 20-year-old, it’s designed for longevity. We want to keep you fit for life, not just while you’re in your prime. When you can do burpees and clean and jerks as a grandmother, you’ll avoid the hospital and old age home.

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