Alexander Jordan

Specialty: Olympic Weightlifting

Favorite Exercise: Snatch

Favorite Workout: One that involves lifting heavy for as few reps as possible. Is that a thing?

Cheat Meal: BBQ chicken pizza with cream cheese stuffed crust

Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in till noon on Saturday morning to recover from the 6ams

Ideal Day: Wake up at the crack of dawn and spend the day hiking, followed by a campfire with good friends and good beer (craft, of course)

Favorite Thing About Biometrics: You may come in with a frown on your face, but the community is always so friendly and supportive that its hard to leave without a smile

The community at this gym is amazing, I immediately felt like I belonged here! The coaches are super attentive and knowledgable making success inevitable. I just love you guys!! – 5 star

Megan Stewart
64 Alison Blvd, Unit 6
Fredericton, NB