BLOG – How you should approach your workout

The Whiteboard

The traditional white board can be seen in every functional fitness facility around the world. Written on this board is the daily workout along with the time of completion for every member who participated in the daily workout. On this board you will see scaling options, weights used, and strategies for completion. Though it is used as an instructional tool the whiteboard can also be considered detrimental.

Ex. 1. Member A and Member B are very similar in ability. In the workout member A put up an incredible score. It just so happened that all the movements they excel at are in today’s training. Member B sees their time and immediately thinks “I need to beat them”. What if that same workout was all of Member B’s weaknesses?

Competing vs Training

Using the example above, Member B should enter this workout with a practice/training mindset. They know that the movements programmed are weaknesses. Therefore, they should ask a coach how to improve on them during the workout. Though their time may be slower, the practice and training used during that workout will only aid in them becoming better. Throwing away all technique and using the competing mindset will not improve the athlete in the long run and may, in fact, set them back with injury.


Everyone is also at a different stage in their fitness and personal development. You should not compare yourself to others nor be discouraged that you can’t do something – yet.  There is nothing wrong with finding motivation in others but you should always compare yourself to who you were yesterday.  Ask yourself “Am I better than I was yesterday?”

Goal Setting

It is important for members to look at the daily training and ask themselves “what is my goal for today’s workout? Is it within my capability?  What modifications should I make?”. Doing so will keep the member focused on their goal and when the workout is over they can say to themselves “I accomplished exactly what I set out to do today”. Small realistic goals that are accomplished every day will play a huge role in success down the road.

Pursue your goal, don’t chase the Rx.

Asking Coaches for help

 As Coaches we want to see you all succeed. Be sure to ask questions if you need help with specific movements, nutrition, mobility etc. We want to see you achieve your goals.


by Kyle Kostynski

I have been a member of this community for over a year, and in that time the staff and fellow gym members have helped me improve my strength, mobility and flexibility. The staff are quite knowledgeable and come from a variety of backgrounds that enable them to bring out the best in you. In addition the gym membership is supportive, encouraging, and always ready to lend a hand if you’re in need. You’re more than a number at this place. Stop by, and find out for yourself. – 5 star

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