The Strong Silent Type

Though she graciously shares her fitness journey through social media and there’s no mistaking her command of the floor when coaching, coach Melanie Harris is otherwise humble, gracious and quiet about her training and her successes. Since this great inspiration and role model is not one to brag…we’ll do it for her!

 So what did this Strong, Silent Type do?  Well, after diligently training away for months, Melanie Harris competed and crushed (and I mean crushed) it at the NB/NS Open Provincials Powerlifting competition held on June 16, 2018.


Mel competed in the Masters 63Kg category weighing in at 61 kg, and this was the result:

 Max Squat: 92.5 kg at attempt 2  (third attempt at 97.5kg)

Max Bench Press: 67.5 kg at attempt 3

Max Deadlift: 125 kg at attempt 2 (third attempt at 127.5kg)

TOTAL: 285.0 kg

WILKS: 313.70


  • She Won her category… 
  • She qualified for Easterns…
  • She hit THREE Provincial records!…and
  • She was awarded Best Overall Lifter for the Province!


Mel was guided remotely by her coach, Jeff Butt, a world class powerlifter from Newfoundland. Training at this level and to get results like this takes a lot of diligence, effort and lonely hours of grinding away.  It’s a true test of commitment and the spirit of a champion.  


I know everyone appreciates and respects Mel as a coach and colleague at the gym, so please take the time to congratulate her on her achievements and recognize the hard work she continues to put in.  That community support will no doubt help further motivate and propel her to success at Easterns!


To that end, Biometrics would love to support Mel on her journey!  Since it was Mel who suggested we get hoodies in (as she wanted one to wear to Provincials), Biometrics will be donating $9.75 (in honour of her plan to hit 97.5 kg squat) for every hoodie sold from now until we either run out or Mel goes to Easterns!

Finally, we asked Mel for her thoughts or words of wisdom.  This is what she said:


Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.


In competition with no one but myself.


Life doesn’t come with guidelines or instructions.  

There are no secret tips or ways to cheat the system.  

It’s about trial and error, experience and growth.  

Learn Lessons and trust that fate will place you where you belong.

Susan McCully
64 Alison Blvd, Unit 6
Fredericton, NB