March 6, 2023

Front Squat
2 x 3 @70%
2 x 3 @75%
2 x 3 @80%
3 @70%
(Focus on speed)

5 rounds for time
12 CTB
50′ Mixed* Grip Lunges @2×50/35 lbs
*1 DB OH + 1 DB FR
TC: 16 minutes

2 x 10 Band T
2 x 10 Band W
2 x 10 Band M
Hold for 5 seconds every 5 reps for every exercise

I have been a member of this community for over a year, and in that time the staff and fellow gym members have helped me improve my strength, mobility and flexibility. The staff are quite knowledgeable and come from a variety of backgrounds that enable them to bring out the best in you. In addition the gym membership is supportive, encouraging, and always ready to lend a hand if you’re in need. You’re more than a number at this place. Stop by, and find out for yourself. – 5 star

Bryan Carey
64 Alison Blvd, Unit 6
Fredericton, NB