Mike Goguen

Part-Time Coach

Training: CrossFit L2

Mike or ‘G’, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science graduate, is from Notre-Dame, New Brunswick; but has lived in nearly every province in Canada since joining the Military. Although fairly new to Biometrics, within 1 year Mike has established himself as a knowledgeable, passionate and charismatic individual – making the perfect candidate for our coaching staff. Mike takes part in Soccer, Badminton and dabbles with Olympic lifting outside of Strength and Conditioning – he has a garage gym – LUCKY! Mike’s favourite lift is the Clean and enjoys heavy deadlifts and pull-ups within workouts (he’s crazy). Mike is constantly moving – whether it be constructing a make-shift balance beam or flipping around a kettle bell doing fancy tricks. Mike swears by Reebok, claiming it to be the best clothing to not only workout in, but bee-bop around to old-school rap and indulge peanut butter balls and steak in. Outside of Biometrics, Mike enjoys playing card games, computer games and reading up on coaching methods.

I became a member of biometrics in November 2017, after completing the weightlifting program with coaches Kyle and Alex, and it was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made! Everyone welcomed me with open arms, making me feel valued and a part of the community from day one! Thank you to all the coaches, owner Mark and everyone from the biometrics family for pushing me to be better and making the highlight of my everyday attending class at Biometrics Strength and Conditioning!!! – 5 Star

Kendra Dawn
64 Alison Blvd, Unit 6
Fredericton, NB