Melanie Harris

Part-Time Coach

Melanie Harris is one of our longest standing athletes at Biometrics Strength and Conditioning, training within our doors since 2012 – it seemed natural that she join our team as a part-time coach. Mel is from Tracy, New Brunswick and holds 2 degrees (BN and BSc. Kin) and EMT and Firefighter training. With a university level soccer, triathlon, marathon and volleyball background, Mel translates her experience and continues to crush powerlifting – she may seem small, but she sure is mighty. Her favourite lift is the Clean and Jerk and her favourite workout is ‘Filthy Fifty’. Mel is a fiery redhead who has enough energy for all of us! She can be spotted rocking out to Top 40 hits or Country, clad in LuLu and Reebok, working out, hiking, biking or camping in her free time. Ice cream and chocolate are her favourite foods… Her boyfriends Ben and Jerry can confirm!

I became a member of biometrics in November 2017, after completing the weightlifting program with coaches Kyle and Alex, and it was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made! Everyone welcomed me with open arms, making me feel valued and a part of the community from day one! Thank you to all the coaches, owner Mark and everyone from the biometrics family for pushing me to be better and making the highlight of my everyday attending class at Biometrics Strength and Conditioning!!! – 5 Star

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Fredericton, NB