Winter Storm


In consideration of the safety of our members and coaches we anticipate the need to cancel classes from time to time due to poor road conditions and severe weather. Please note that every reasonable effort will be made to keep the gym open for our members but safety comes first. The Biometrics Strength and Conditioning weather cancellation policy is as follows.

  • All decisions regarding class cancellations due to weather will be made by management. When possible these decisions will be made in consultation with the scheduled coach.
  • 6:00am class cancellations will be made and the schedule will be updated prior to 5:30am. This cancellation will likely be made the evening prior in anticipation of bad weather (and due to timing of snow removal) but that will not necessarily always be the case. All other classes will be cancelled on the Class Schedule at least one hour prior to the scheduled class start.
  • Every effort will be made to communicate cancellations via the Facebook Community Page and Twitter.  The Zen Planner schedule page will also be updated.
  • Cancelled classes will be indicated as “cancelled” in the Zen Planner system.

Susan McCully
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Fredericton, NB