Our Biometrics Open has come and gone with a new team claiming this year’s trophy. Each year the open challenges our members to do their best. It challenges them to try new movements or to push themselves more than they ever had. The open has a way of helping us realize what we are capable of. This year we saw our members become stronger as individuals but also stronger as a community. Throughout all the close finishes, personal records, sweat, tears, and swear words we can be most proud of what we accomplished together. Our three teams collected an abundance of items for the Fredericton Food Bank, SPCA, and Womens Transition house.

Of course none of this would have been possible without our team captains and their teams. Here is what the open means to them…

Proud member of the champion team Tide Bods

Susan: My favorite moment of the open was when it was down to the wire; the other 2 teams really rallied and gave it everything they had. The final FNL was really fun because of this – every point mattered. It’s amazing to see the members of this gym pull together and make an impact on the community. The weekly challenges benefited a few diverse groups in the Fredericton area; all of whom rely heavily upon donations to continue serving the city. The members of all teams really pulled together on these; and the friendly competition made for generous donations.

In terms of a personal accomplishment…soooo close to a pull-up! Red band only I’m really looking forward to doing this again next year. It brings us all closer and makes this unique gym what it is. You see people push themselves, accomplish new things physically. It is awesome how everyone gets excited for one another’s accomplishments. This year the open taught me a few things. For myself- you are capable of more than you think. In terms of the gym event- we are all competitive on some level, we all have our talents, and the open brings them out in one way or another.

Proud Member of Cirque de Sore Legz

Lisa: This gym has been an environment where I look forward to coming each and every day. To push myself mentally and physically. To encourage others and push others and am genuinely excited to see them excel and hit new milestones. I come for the camaraderie, the family unit, and for the good we do in and outside our little box. We make a difference everyday and I am so proud to be a part of it. It makes me a better person.

My favorite part was watching members go head to head during Friday Night Lights but encouraging their opponent as they are competing. We all strive to win but want to bring your friends with you. I love the open for the sole reason that it highlights how far you’ve come, how hard you can push yourself and what you have to work on for next years open!

Proud Captain of Hakuna MaSquata

Kendra: My favorite moment of the open was watching Rod beat Rob by 1 calorie during the first FNLs showdown during 18.1. There was no better way to kick off the open. I also loved that we got to help/contribute to 3 amazing charities during our challenges. My biggest accomplishment was finishing 3/5 workouts Rx! I am looking forward to next years open already. I want to put the work in and push myself to improve my times and fitness. I also love the atmosphere that the open brings and all the PR’s that happen because of it. I hope to see more members hitting PR’s and also have a PR in the number of members participating.

This years open has showed me three things:
1. What an amazing community here at Biometrics!
2. That I can push myself a lot harder.
3. That I am able to achieve a lot more than I think I can.


Finally a word from our coordinator who put in many hours ensuring Friday Night Light events ran smoothly, tallying points, creating wonderful and horrible weekly challenges, and of course handing out prizes…

Proud Member of Hakuna MaSquata

Alex: Organizing the Biometrics Open this year was tough at times, but the satisfaction that came from how well successful FNL and challenges were week after week made it all worth it. It’s events like this that highlight the community-mindedness in our gym and I’m incredibly proud of how much was raised to support our larger Fredericton community (Food Bank, SPCA, and Women in Transition House). Now that the Open is over, it’s time to focus on our weaknesses and get stronger for next year.




To everyone at Biometrics, thank you! To Tide Bods, we’re coming for you. Until next year…


Asking Coaches for help

 As Coaches we want to see you all succeed. Be sure to ask questions if you need help with specific movements, nutrition, mobility etc. We want to see you achieve your goals in 2018.


by Sydney Schofield

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